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“First in Flight” is an exhibition of photographs recently created for a fashion story appearing in Anthem Magazine's winter issue. Art Directed by David J. Weissberg, photographed by Kiino Villand, wardrobe styled by Gena Tuso, with makeup by Kiki Benet and hair styled by Christian Marc, this exhibition is presented as a group project in which each member of the creative team played an integral role.

A portion of sales will benefit the Nick Traina Foundation, a non-profit organization set up to provide funds in areas related to manic-depressive illness and its diagnosis, including research and treatment, and funding organizations that help families who continue to battle the illness.  For more information go to www.nicktrainafoundation.org

For the project, Villand photographed Vanessa Traina, a formally trained ballet dancer and front row fixture at the Paris couture shows. One of the fresher faces among the international jetset, Vanessa is on Vanity Fair's 2005 best dressed list along with her sister Victoria.

Clothing designers featured in “First in Flight” include Stella McCartney, Yohji Yamamoto, As Four, Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Agent Provocateur.  

Accentuating the majestic qualities of the clothing, the team worked to create ethereal mid air moments of levity which include grande jetés and other graceful aerial maneuvers.  With a discerning use of tonal range and shadow, combined with Traina’s classic and improvised dance techniques, “First in Flight” is an exquisite exploration of human movement and form.

David has been designing, illustrating and writing for the better part of 10 years. While initially trained in print at school, he was scooped out of college in San Francisco early on to work on Peter Gabriel’s “XPLORA-1” CD ROM. He spent several years working towards pushing design boundaries in the then new medium, the internet. After the boom, he headed to New York to work full time designing for the hipster streetwear industry and illustrating for record companies and magazines. In 2000, he headed back to San Francisco to work for the bleeding edge music magazine XLR8R, where he worked as Creative Director and Style/Art & Culture Editor for 3 years. His fine art can be seen traveling the globe in the shows like My Adidas, The Eames Project, the UNIFA Project and Up Our Sleeve as well as such coffee-table editions of The Freedom Book, IMG-SRC 100 and How Design Magazine’s Rethink, Redesign, Reconstruct book (where he “remixed” designer Stella McCartney). Current projects include freelance writing, illustrating (as Abigail's Party) and art directing (fashion shoots) for Anthem Magazine, Art Direction for ResFest/Res Screening Series, and co-running his creative agency, Truant, in Echo Park.

From Oscar winning actors and directors to profoundly humble Tibetan monks, Los Angeles based photographer Kiino Villand has been photographing high profile personalities from the worlds of film, music, clubs, art and culture for well over a decade. An American of Estonian descent, commissions from magazines, record labels and clothing designers have him traveling the globe creating esteemed images of the cultural cognoscenti. His photography is sought by art directors and photography collectors alike. Peter Morton, owner of Morton’s, (site of the annual Vanity Fair Oscar party) acquired a body of his work for display at his Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Assignments have led him to places such as Cannes, Monte Carlo, New York and Miami. His work has appeared in publications such as V-Life, i-D, Res, Tokion, Entertainment Weekly, Elle and W.  When he’s not setting the tone from behind the lens, writing magazine articles or serving as resident DJ for Res events, he can be found perpetually chasing his two year old highly energetic daughter Kaia with his lovely wife Andraleia.
Past Exhibitions:
2002 Group Show, “Faces of Rock”, benefiting City of Hope Cancer Center, Los Angeles
2001 Solo Show, “NEWYORKSANFRANCISCOLOSANGELES”, Union/LaBrea, Los Angeles
1994 Solo Show, Limelight, New York
1990 Solo Show, Red Zone, New York

Growing up in socal, Gena's sense of style was influenced at an early age by the 80s skate/punk scene. Gena's mom couldn't bribe her with enough slip ons to wear a dress to school. While her style still stays true to home, she can be found pinning pieces of couture on some of fashion's finest models and celebs. Initially getting her start doing visuals for Diesel in New York, she found herself taking to fashion quickly and a styling career followed soon after. Today she's based in Echo Park, Los Angeles, and her clientel has grown to encompass styling gigs ranging from Blackalicious's latest video to dressing Desperate Housewives' Felicity Huffman for Esquire. A quick list of other happy clients includes Anthem, Nylon, Z!nk, Elle, Vanity Fair, Fox Racing and the NBA. When not busy on a shoot, she can usually be found MacGyver-ing wearable sculpture for models (including her latest victim Vanessa Traina), gluing heels to a pair of vans, or taking some much needed time off to strum her Stratocaster.

Kiki Benet is an LA based make-up artist. From music to fashion, her work is as versatile as it is unique. "Make-up is transient and this allows for freedom. There are no rules in make-up, one can have a certain style and esthetic preference, and even that in itself is constantly changing." Her hands have touched the faces of many talented artists, from Adrien Brody and Juliette Lewis, to bands like The Killers, Outkast, Kings of Leon and even Fleetwood Mac. She works with cutting edge directors like Doug Aitken, Brett Simon, and Traktor, to name a few.  Photographers like Michael Evanet, Sasha Eisenmann, Chris McPherson, Derrrick Santini, Klaus Thymman and of course Kiino Villand call on her talent. Her work can be seen in publications such as Italian Vogue, Dazed and Confused, i-D, Complex, Big, Nylon, Mixt(e), Elle and many more. She currently resides in Silverlake, CA with her boyfriend Rob, and cat Floyd.

Hair Stylist Christian Marc hails from Paris, France, which makes sense considering his client list includes French Vogue, Yves Saint Laurent and Martin Margiela. These blue chip credits would not be compete without mentioning he's also sponsored by the house of Chanel. But of course!  Currently working at a highly classified undisclosed location on the forthcoming season of America’s Next Top Model, he hopes to return home soon to Los Angeles so he can spend more time with his one and a half year old son Logan and wife Jaime. They plan to kick back and watch “Run Logan Run.”

Fine art printer Mark Felt prints illustrations, paintings, photography and anything else people ask him to enlarge. The catch is, only if he likes you. You see, Mark’s acceptance of projects is strictly by invitation only. We're very honored to have made the cut, along with Kozyndan, Nick Philip, X-Large and Resfest. We like you too Mark. Keep an eye out for Mark's new book project called Rising Sonz.

PEEL is a collective of four motion/print designers and directors who recently brought their different backgrounds and talents under the same roof – more specifically to a storefront at the Gershwin Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard. Individually or as a team, the members of PEEL direct, design, host art exhibits, create traffic-stopping window displays or mix inks on the printing press.

PEEL is: 
Jerome Curchod - Graphic Artist
Rafael Macho - Filmmaker + Designer
Carolina Trigo - Culture Fan
Martin von Will -  Filmmaker + Designer


Image # 1  Aerial Crossing
23.5” x 17.5” archival inkjet
Blouse by Stella McCartney, skirt by Heikejarick, necklace by Rachel Jane, tights by Wolford, pointe shoes model's own with dress by Yohji Yamamoto, leotard by Wolford, tights by Wolford, pointe shoes models own

Image # 2 Wings
27” x 22.5” archival inkjet print
Robe by As Four, shoes by Chanel
Image # 3 Cage
23.5” x 17.5” archival inkjet print
Feather and twig neck piece by Gene and Aveline
Image # 4 Grand Jeté
23.5” x 17.5” archival inkjet print
Dress by Yohji Yamamoto
Image # 5 Peacock
23.5” x 17.5” archival inkjet print
Blouse by Yves Saint Laurent
Image # 6 Tutu diptych
23.5” x 17.5” archival inkjet print
Tank by Jean Paul Gautier, vintage tutu, briefs by Agent Provocateur, shoes by Chanel