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DVD available Spring/Summer 2008

Running times:
"The Story": 15:00, "The Performance": 10:00
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\\\\\\\\\\\\THE STORY:
As drummer Jose Medeles set out to develop a solo improvisational performance, he enlisted director Kiino Villand to carry his vision from concept to visual fruition. More than merely a demonstration of skills, Meaning and Rhetoric evolved into a full blown documentary delving into the thought process behind the brilliantly dynamic musicianship of a world class drummer.

Serving as drummer for The Breeders since 2000, Medeles has travelled far and wide. His worldly experiences and humble offers of respect to the many talented beat masters before him come across as enlightening and refreshing. The ethereal visual style of Meaning and Rhetoric, due in large part to the artistry of editor Matthew Listiak, lends itself to the abstract nature of Medeles' meditative explorations and often times riveting cacophonies. This is an ethnomusicological artifact of significance.

As Kim Deal now gathers Jose and The Breeders for their 2008 world tour, Jose enters yet another chapter of his charmed life. Meaning and Rhetoric is a glimpse of life during some down time amid the frenetic pace of the rock and roll lifestyle. For more info on Jose Medeles, go to: www.josemedeles.com

This is Kiino Villand's directorial debut. Emerging from a background in photography, he's shot numerous luminaries in the worlds of music, film, fashion and art. His work has appeared in publications such as Anthem, Tokion, Grand Royal, Emmy, Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone. His photography is also collected by people such as Eddie Cruz, of Stussy/Union/Undefeated in LA and Peter Morton, who acquired a body of his work for his Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. When not behind the lens, you can find him DJing assorted gallery openings, film screening after parties and tree blessing ceremonies in the rockies.

For more on Kiino Villand:
Photography: www.kiinovilland.com
Directing & Producing: www.lensactionproductions.com

\\\\\\\\\\\\\THE NEWS:
The first private screening at The Social Trust in LA was freakin killer! Their loft space was a perfect setting. Jose performed live sets between showings. Of course we were stoked that Kim Deal & sister Kelley ended up rolling through, despite being in the throws of recording parts of the new Breeders album across town. I put up 7 framed prints from the shoot so people could just chill and take it all in.

Wow, it's time for The Breeders new album Mountain Battles to drop! People are getting revved! Big shows at SXSW, Coachella, Sasquatch, all of Europe and dozens of more intimate affairs through the summer of 08. And design maestro Vaughn Oliver continues to go bananas with his creative prowess...check it out here: www.breedersdigest.net

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